“I am so pleased that I decided to take my YTT with Oxygen, it was everything I hoped it would be, and more. There was a perfect balance of Asana practice, anatomy, Pranayama, meditation and philosophy. I had heard that training to become a yoga teacher was life changing but wasn’t sure how until I began the program. Initially I thought I would learn how to teach others but it turned out to be so much more than that. I found a path to a rich and rewarding personal practice. Christina is so passionate about what she is teaching and really helps you to deeply understand the concepts so it can transform your life and touch others as well. Her intention is to help you become the best instructor you can be by diving deep within your own practice, leaving you with a solid foundation and a desire to dive even deeper. This YTT truly inspired me and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for yoga! I LOVE MY LIFE!”

Alex Anderson

Yoga Instructor

Christina Raskin, National Training Director

Christina started teaching Yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes twelve years ago and has loved it since day one!

After many dance injuries, from a professional dance career, Christina found that Yoga and Pilates were the only tools able to heal her body and prevent further injury.

Since then, she has used Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation to heal her body, mind, and spirit several times.

Christina took her 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks and then had the privilege of taking her 300 hour teacher training in India, making her a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified Instructor. Christina has taught all age ranges in Vinyasa Flow, Power, Yin, Restorative, Core, Hatha, Dance and Pilates.

She truly believes Yoga is for everyone and everybody.

Melanie Palis, Lead Teacher Trainer

Melanie is a yoga teacher who’s teaching reflects her love of movement, anatomy, and yogic philosophy. She provides space for new and experienced yogis to explore their spirituality through movement (asana) and breath (pranayama). Melanie strives to continually learn from others and encourages students to integrate the practice of yoga off the mat, and into everyday life.


More Oxygen Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

“Melanie Palis is a delight to work with. Ever encouraging, and always supportive, she creates a warm and welcoming space to erase all self-doubt and worry. She sought to ease our nerves and helped us recognize and reach our potential. She is wise and caring, bubbly and optimistic, true to herself and an embodiment of the practices she teaches. Never once was a hand afraid to be raised, or an opinion to be stated. I couldn’t have asked for a more suited YTT teacher. Thanks for your time and energy Mel!  Namaste.”

“Christina is one of the best, if not the best, instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from – whether inside or outside of the yoga studio! Christina’s passion to share her love of yoga/pilates shines through in every gentle instruction, graceful movement, and powerful pose she presents to the students. Yoga is now an integral part of my lifestyle largely due to the strong foundation developed in every practice that I have learned and will continue to learn from Christina. I look forward to seeing her smiling face and positive outlook before, during, and after each class. Thank you Christina for bringing the best out of me!”

Francine Hong

“Melanie was my instructor for the Oxygen YYT program and I couldn’t have asked for a more inspirational teacher to have guided me through my training.  She creates a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment and is extremely skilled, passionate and knowledgeable about the practice.  Being in the summer intensive program, the material was overwhelming at times and was psychically and emotionally exhausting; however, Mel’s exuberant energy and fun, relaxing teaching style inspired me to do my best throughout the entire training.  I was so lucky to have had such an amazing woman like Melanie as my yoga instructor and I will never forget the bond my class and I had together while in the YYT program.” –


“In September 2014, I made a life changing decision to join Christina Raskin’s YTT at Oxygen. I had NO IDEA the journey I would embark on with my peers & teacher would turn out to be such a fulfilling & beautiful experience. Christina IS THE BEST. She has a lot of experience under her belt as an instructor, is extremely knowledgeable, and has the warmest smile & she’s awesome. Who wouldn’t want an awesome teacher? The YTT was a great mix of asana practice, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama & discussions. Christina has inspired me in countless positive ways while the YTT taught me the skills I needed to continue my personal practice throughout my life. This program isn’t just for those interested in teaching or yoga, it’s for anyone who wants to accomplish something very fulfilling & healthy. Thank you for believing in all of us when we doubted ourselves, Christina. Thank you for teaching me to be compassionate towards myself. If you ever teach the 500 hour program, sign me up now!”

Lily J. Miranda

“Mel is an amazing teacher who knows her stuff. She made the classes very enjoyable. A lot of good energy can be felt in every class. We learned and practiced different ways to meditate, yoga sutras, and the asanas. I would recommend her to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a yoga teacher. She’s definitely one of the best teachers you can find.”


“I did my teacher training part time with Oxygen in January 2017 and I was lucky enough to have Melanie as one of my teachers. With her dance background, extensive yoga teaching experience, and education, Melanie is an amazingly knowledgeable teacher. But in addition to this, Melanie creates an accepting and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable learning and asking questions. YTT can get pretty intense and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and friend to guide me through this incredible growth experience. If anyone is considering taking their YTT with Melanie, do it! You will absolutely not regret it!”


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Please contact your instructor, Christina Raskin, for more information or to register.

Christina Raskin, 500 E-RYT


Our school and faculty are certified and registered with Yoga Alliance International

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